Album Of The Day – NIN “Not The Actual Events” (2016)

I don’t really think there is any new ground here, but I like the album.

One thing that really strikes me about it is that it seems to be kinda influenced by work that came out 5-10 years ago – from people that he influenced 20 years ago..

Been listening to it this week, I am into it.

Album of the day #5 & #6- Destroyer “Your Blues” and “Notorius Lightning” (2004/2005)

Ended up getting super hammered and forgot to post an album of the day yesterday….sorry. So we are going to do a dual AOTD post for yesterday and today  Notorius Lighting is fantastic, its arty rock and roll. The follow  up album reworks 6 of the songs from the previous album with new treatment.  Listen to all 18 tracks in a row, works great.