Forgotten Tracks – March 18

Weekly look back on the tracks that charted -but you probably don’t  remember….

20 years ago – Leah Andreone “Its alright, It’s Ok” #61

Not a bad track – a lot of people in the comments section of Youtube talk about how much they liked it… falls squarely in the middle between Jewel and Tracy Bonham on the Lilith Fair spectrum.

25 years ago – Saint Etienne “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” #98

Barely cracked the charts – only there for two weeks and peaked at 97.  This Neil Young track has been covered a lot, but I feel like this was a really fresh take at the time and still holds up today as pretty good.

30 years ago – Tia “Boy Toy” #97

Went a little overboard on the video effects, it is kind of exhausting to watch. Interesting though because it sort of looks like outtakes from American Psycho, the guy in the beginning even looks like Patrick Bateman, Only two weeks on the chart, peaking at #97.

35 years ago – George Benson “Never Give Up on A Good Thing” #61

Leisure suits….lounge Singers….Linda Carter.  This track went all the way to #7 in 1982

40 Years Ago – Cerrone “Love in C Minor” #64

Cerrone is real big in Europe, not so much a household name in The States – he has actually sold 30 million albums worldwide.   I love the video, the 70’s looked fun….

45 years ago – English Congregation “Softly Whispering I Love You” #29

I like the track…the crushed velvet capes….the amulets.   Seems like lead singer Brian Keith steps on the guitar work a little bit.

50 Years Ago – Jack Jones “Lady”

One of Jack Jones’ last hits – he had a ton of them in the 50’s and early 60’s.  Jack is still around and still touring at 80 years old

Forgotten Tracks – Feb 19

Weekly look back at the tracks that charted that you don’t remember…

20 Years ago – She Moves “Breaking All The Rules”

SpiceGirls-esque song and video.  All three of these gals where Knicks Dancers before forming the group. Also interesting, all three put together pretty solid post She Moves  careers – check them out on IMDB.   Hindsight is 20/20, but probably not a good idea to start your music video dancing on a urinal -seriously a large portion of this video takes place in a dirty bathroom… “Breaking”  peaked at #32.

25 Years ago – Restless Heart “When She Cries”

Coming at you fast with a sweet stache!  Country pop, adult contemporary crossover – “When She Cries” was their biggest hit peaking at number 11 on the Hot 100 in 92.

30 Years Ago – Pretty Poison “Catch Me”

First  appeared on the soundtrack for Hiding Out, which was a John Cryer movie where he plays a stock broker on the run from the mob,  hiding out by pretending to be a high school student.  “Catch Me” is a tie-in video with the band dancing around a high school with scenes from the film spliced in.  I think the track is actually pretty good, it still gets sampled,  I am surprised it does not get sampled more… I like the video too.

35 Years Ago – Tavares “Penny For Your Thoughts”

Tavares landed 13 tracks on the Hot 100 in the 70’s and 80s – which is pretty impressive.  Their biggest hit was a top ten track “It Only Takes a Minute” which was a disco number.  They also won a Grammy for a Bee Gees cover that was on the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack.   “Penny” Peaked at number 33 in 1982.

40 Years Ago – L.T.D. “Back in Love Again”

Sounds like the 70s, sounds great.  “Back” was their biggest hit, made it all the way to number 4 on the Hot 100.  LTD sold a ton of albums int he 70s, two went gold and one went platinum. They are still around and on tour.

45 Years Ago -Hurricane Smith “Oh Babe, What Would You Say?”

Smith worked on all the pre 1965 Beatles albums and a lot of the early Floyd albums as an engineer.  At almost 50 he started putting out his own tracks.  When you watch him singing these tracks in clips you can tell he is a really novice performer…they are all pretty awkward, he looks like he is doing karaoke.    “Babe”  made it all the way to number 3, which seems strange but there was a lot of stuff like this out at this time, Gilbert O’Sullivan and Johnny Rivers both had tracks in the top 10 this week.

50 Years Ago – The Sandpebbles “Love Power”

The Sandpebbles had one hit with “Love Power” going to number 22 on the Hot 100.  It was covered a year later by Dusty Springfield and actually became a much bigger hit when it was covered by Luther Vandross in 1989 when it went all the way to number 4.

Forgotten Tracks – Week of Feb 12

Weekly look back at the tracks that charted but you may not remember

20 Years Ago – AZ Yet “Last Night”

Taking booty jam lyrics to a whole new literal level…love it.  This video is kinda budget and there are a couple times during the video where they filmed in front of green screen -and they did not put anything behind it, they are just sitting in front of a green screen…love it.

25 Years Ago  – Mint Condition “Breakin My Heart (pretty brown eyes)”

Love the track, love the video, love the clothes. Six months on the chart, peaked at number 6.


30 Years Ago – Lone Justice “Shelter”

Lone Justice kinda had everything going for them in the mid 80s – critical acclaim, on the road opening for U2, famous producers and songwriters, plus  Geffen putting everything behind them…just never happened.  The first album is actually great though – you should check it out – “Shelter” peaked at 47.

35 Years Ago – John Hall Band “Crazy (Keep on Fallin’ in love)”

John has was a session musician for a lot of big acts in the 70’s, ended up getting really involved in politics and actually became a US Congressman for a term.  “Crazy” got a big boost from heavy rotation during the early days of MTV but the track ultimately only made it to the number 42.

40 Years Ago – Al Stewart “Year Of The Cat”

Titular track from Al Stewart’s sixth album, which some people consider his masterpiece.  I don’t hate the song but I don’t really hear the magic I guess. 3 months on the charts, peaked at number 8.


45 years Ag0 – Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds “Daisy Mae”

This track is pretty good – pales in comparison to their biggest hit “Don’t Pull Your Love” from 2 years earlier, which actually never went to number one in the US – it did in Canada and the UK.  Anyway…”Daisy Mae” is alright…peaked at 41.


50 years Ago – The Left Banke “Pretty Ballerina”

Late 60’s Baroque Pop.  Its pretty good -If you like Baroque pop….which I do….Peaked at number 15 in 1967.



Forgotten Tracks – Jan 29

Weekly look back at the tracks that charted but you may not remember

20 Years Ago – Donna Lewis “I Love You Always Forever”

I like this song…funny thing, even though its a love song, the video is kind of jaded.  Everything in the late 90s was jaded no matter what it was…good times.

“Always Forever” was Lewis’ only song ever to chart in the states (she had more chart success in Europe) going all the way to number 2 on the Hot 100.

25 Years Ago – Lighter Shade of Brown “On A Sunday Afternoon”

instead of relying on  one recognizable cut for the sample, it samples two very distinct songs – “Groovin” and “Chrystal Blue Persuasion”.This cut is actually kind of a mash up -20 years before they existed.  Beyond that it’ standard fare from the golden era of early 90’s hip hop…pretty good track,

30 Years Ago – Jeff Lorber (Feat Karyn White) “Facts of Love”

Stock footage…stock lyrics…stock hooks…keytars…1987

35 Years Ago – Eddie Schwartz “All Our Tomorrows”

Canadian Soft Rock….this track reminds me of a song that would be right at home on the Fast Times At Ridgemont High Soundtrack – also from 82.

40 Years Ago – Stephen Bishop “Save It for A Rainy Day”

Disco Acoustic – I don’t  hate it…check out the 1:52 mark when he plays an air guitar electric solo.

45 Years Ago – Beverly Bremers “Don’t Say You Don’t Remember”

I kinda like this track – not in the ironic sense… the sense that I actually like music like this and I like this song.   4 Months on the Hot 100 – peaked at number 15.


50 Years Ago – Keith “98.6”

The whacked out video clip is from the movie “The Trip”, not sure if there is any connection to the song or if someone just through it together on on Youtube.  Interesting factoid,  “The Trip” was written by Jack Nicholson.


Forgotten Tracks – Week of Jan 22

Weekly look back at the tracks that charted on the top 100 but you probably don’t remember….

20 Years Ago – Merril Bainbridge “Mouth”

Merril was a lot bigger in her native Australia with almost 10 songs charting down under but his was her only song to reach the hot 100 in the US.  “Mouth” went to number five and charted in 6 countries.

25 Years Ago – Natural Selection “Hearts Don’t Think (They Feel)”

One album released in 1991 that had two hits – the first single going all the way to number 2…then they disappeared.  No follow up LP or singles.  “Hearts Don’t Think” spent 3 months on the charts – peaked at 28.

30 Years Ago – Chico Debarge “Talk To Me”

I feel  like this is a decent track and I am kinda into it.  Soon after this track hit the Hot 100 Chico’s career was sidetracked when he got pinched by the Feds trying to move a kilo of blow from LA  to Michigan and ended up in federal prison. “Talk to me”spent 4 months on the Hot 100 and peaked at 28.

35 Years Ago –  Little River Band “Take it Easy on Me”

2nd Australian group in this weeks wrap up.  Little River Band…80s soft rock – love it.  Interesting factoid, this song was produced by “Fifth Beatle” Sir George Martin.  5 Months on the hot 100, peaked at number 10.


40 Years Ago – Mary MacGregor “Torn Between Two Lovers”

Weird track…when you listen to the lyrics of this song she is essentially saying, “look, I am kinda cheating on you and you need to deal with it because this dude is doing me in a way you cant”….and this track madeit all the way to number 1 in’72.

45 Years Ago – Think – “Once You Understand”

This track is a little insane…doesn’t really hold up and seems a little dated now, but I guess I kind of get that this is what was happening at the time.  I really cant imagine people wanting to listen to this more than once or twice but it spent two months on the Hot 100.


50 Years Ago – Peter & Gordon “Knight in Rusty Armor”

Largely forgotten British Invasion Duo, this was P&G’s last US hit. Peter’s sister dated Paul McCartney in the 60’s and Sir Paul wrote a bunch of songs for them including their biggest hit “A World Without Love”.  Peter later went on to be the head of  A&R for Apple Records for Decades and his daughter is currently in Cobra Starship.

Forgotten Tracks – Jan 15

Weekly look back at the tracks that charted on the top 100 but you probably don’t remember….


20 years ago – Goodfellaz “Suga Honey Ice Tea”

Not a bad track, just never really took off. Peaked at 64 on hot 100 – did far better on the R&B charts.  Video is a great example of late 90’s hat usage -features almost every style of hat from Bowler to Kangol

25 Years Ago – Karyn White  “The Way I feel About You”

Second single of Karyn White’s album “Ritual of Love” which peaked at number 12 on the hot 100 – Her first single of the album “Romantic”,  went to number 1 on the charts.  Not a bad song, standard New Jack early 90’s fare..

30 Years Ago – Glass Tiger “Someday”

The first single of Glass Tigers’s album “Thin Red Line” was the classic “Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)”,  this is the third single, went to number 7 in the US.


35 Years Ago – Sheena Easton “You Could Have Been With Me”

Sheena Easton actually has a lot of really good deep cuts you should give a chance to sometime – Or just put on “Strut” and crank it, still sounds great, “Morning Train” is still a fun song.    This is not one of her best – love the video though, decent track, Peaked at 15 in 1982.


40 Years Ago – Brick “Dazz”

If this track sounds vaguely familiar ist because it was sampled pretty much by everyone in the late eighties and nineties.   Brick has a bunch of tracks that are pretty dope, you should check em out…”Dazz” spent almost 5 months on the hot 100 and peaked at number 3


45 years Ago – Joe Simon “Drowning In a Sea Of Love”

Joe Simon released a ton or really good tracks, a mainstay on the charts for almost 20 years, but never really became a household name.  This is not really my favorite but a good example of what was kinda happening in at the time – peaked at number 11 in 72.

50 Years Ago – The Music Machine “Talk Talk”

These guys were a decade a head of their time.  Love this song, love the look of this clip.  “Talk Talk” peaked at number 15.


Forgotten Tracks – Jan 15

Weekly look back at at tracks that charted but you probably don’t remember…

20 Years Ago – Luscious Jackson “Naked Eye”

Not their best work, but I always liked this band.

Side note: Its kind of funny,  when I think of Luscious Jackson the first thing that always comes to my mind is that they use to make a lot of Gap commercials…like multiple different commercials, I guess I really can’t begrudge them, everyone needs to eat, and I mean Daft Punk makes Gap commercials and I am a big fan so who’s to say….?  Here is one from Christmas in the late 90s:



25 Years Ago – Stacy Earl  “love me all up”

This song really isn’t terrible but there just isn’t enough  there…no hooks, not enough personality.  Had a good run though, five months on the hot 100 and peaked at number 26.



30 years ago – Ben Orr “Stay the Night”

Ben Orr was in the Cars and sang lead vocals on “Drive” which is arguably one of the better songs of the 80s, lead vocals on a lot of other Cars hits too.


35 Years Ago  Patti Austin – “Every Home Should Have One”

Patti had 3 tracks in the 80’s that cracked the top 100, this was the highest charting one at 62.


40 Years ago – David Dundas “My Jeans”

Not a bad song, chorus is very “beatlesque”, kind of reminds me of a jingle.  The first time I listened to this track I didn’t really get it but then a few hours later I was walking around the house humming it so – I guess it works.



45 Years ago Redbone “Witch Queen of New Orleans” 

Standard late 60’s rock fare on this song, 4 months on the hot 100 peaked at 21. Two years later they came out with “Come and Get your Love” – which was their biggest hit and a really good track – had a bit of a resurgence last year when it was on the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Tape



50 Years ago – Royal Guardsman “Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron”

This song made it all the way to number two this week on the hot 100.  It was the age of the Monkees, so this is kind of what was happening at this time (actually  the Monkees were in at number one this week with “I’m a believer”) The RG actually came out with new Snoopy songs for the next 40 years – the last one was in 2006.


Forgotten Tracks -Jan 8

Weekly look back at at tracks that charted but you probably don’t remember…

20 Years ago Keith Sweat – “Nobody”

They made a billion songs like this in the late 90’s ….it was the trap music of its time.  This song spent almost a whole year on the hot 100, peaked at number 3, I am sure a lot of people banged to it…

25 Years ago – Curtis Stigers – “I wonder Why”

Saxophones where huge in the early 90s.  This song was on the hot 100 for 5 months and peaked at number 9

30 Years ago  – Gregory Abbott “Shake You Down”

This song made it all the way to number 1 and spent 5 months on the hot 100….

35 Years Ago – Paul Davis “Cool Night”

I think this is kind of like the early 80’s version of  Netflix and Chill….4 months on the hot 100, peaked at 11.

40 Years Ago – Burton Cummings “Stand Tall”

5 months on the hot 100 and cracked the top ten peaking at 10.  Burton was in the Guess  who and he wrote “American Woman” and a couple other big ones.

45 years Ago -Dennis Coffey & the Detroit Guitar Band “Scorpio”

Peaked at number 6 – not a ton here as far as the track is concerned, but I guess it was a simpler time.  I love the clip….Soul Train in the early 70s looks like it was probably a really fun.

50 Years Ago – Sandy Posey “Single Girl”

On the hot 100 for a couple months, did not crack the top ten, peaked at 12, not a bad track…