Forgotten Tracks: April 16

Weekly look back at the songs that charted – but you don’t remember.

20 Years ago – Rome “I belong to you” #34

FYI – Club Rome is ladies only.

“I belong to you” sold over 1 million units, and the album sold a half million CDs – then Rome fell off the face of the earth. There were some behind the scenes problems with the label and Rome felt they were not behind the follow up album -so he left RCA and ended up putting out the sophomore release through an independent.  Unfortunately, it just failed to get any traction.  Not a bad track….

25 Years Ago – Williams Brothers “Can’t Cry Hard enough” #45

Part of a musical family legacy that goes back to the 30’s -twin brothers, and nephews of Andy Williams, started releasing records when they were kids. By the time this song came out they had actually been releasing records for 20 years.  They wrote “Hard Enough” with members of Lone Justice (who was on our list a few weeks ago with “Shelter”).

The follow up album came out the next year but failed to produce a hit.

30 Years Ago –  Glenn Medeiros “Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You” #37

George Benson Cover, this track was a huge and international hit and released when Glenn was just 18 years old.  He followed up with an even more successful collaboration with Bobby Brown that went to number 1.

Watch the video -it looks like he is running in slow motion while he sings….

Currently he is a teacher and school principle in Hawaii.

35 Years Ago – Le Roux “Nobody Said It Was Easy” #20

AOR out of Louisiana. Not a bad song really.

There is a funny line in the comments section of this video about everyone looking like the villains from Superman II…

“Nobody said” was Le Roux’s biggest hit, going all the way to number 18 on the Hot 100, The follow up album failed to produce another hit with their next single “Lifeline”- even with  a dope video that got heavy rotation on MTV and featured Fergie Frederiksen making a dramatic entrance….









40 Years Ago – Kenny Nolan “I like Dreamin'” #19

Kenny was a music industry veteran producer and songwriter who had a lot of success  behind the scenes.

“Dreamin'” was his first single as a solo artist and it went all the way to number 3,  was Nolan’s biggest hit selling over 500K records,  going gold in 1977.

45 years Ago – Buffy Sainte-Marie “Mister Can You See” #72

Dr. Buffy – she has a Ph.D from UMASS…released 17 albums in the last 50 years and a lot of them are really pretty good. Particularly “She Used to Want To Be a Ballerina” in 1971 and “Moonshot” in 1972.  Her cover of Neil Young’s “Helpless” is great.

“Mister” was her biggest hit in the US going to number 38 – she had more commercial chart success in Canada.

50 Years Ago – The Parade “Sunshine Girl” #84

The Parade consisted of a mix of actors and studio veterans, in April of 1967 heading into the “Summer of Love”, this track became one of the earliest examples of what became known as “Sunshine Pop”.

“Sunshine Girl” went all the way to number 20 but after the next four single failed to chart in 1968, the band broke up.


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