Forgotten Tracks – April 30

Week 16a

Weekly look back at the tracks that charted but you don’t remember…


20 years Ago – DJ TAZ  “That’s Right” # 86

Side note -Taz was on the track “Girls” by DJ Smurf….remember that jam?  You should revisit, its amazing. The video is also completely fantastic…

This was Taz’s biggest hit as a solo artist – 90’s southern sound…pretty good song.  Taz is still in the music business and still working in the clubs.

25 years Ago -Lidell Townsell  “Nu Nu” # 37

House music meets hiphop meets R&B…this song is really just a fun jam and love all the clothes in this video.

This was Townsell’s biggest hit and it peaked at #26 in ’92.  He is still in Chicago doing house music – you can see his Facebook page here

30 years Ago -Breakfast Club “Right On Track” # 25

Interesting fact – Madonna used to play drums in this band in the early eighties.

In ’88 the Breakfast Club was nominated for a Grammy for best new artist, but lost to Jody Watley.

The video is kind of a David Lee Roth knockoff filmed inside of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse…..when I watch it actually causes me anxiety with all the jump cuts and shit flying everywhere.  “Right On” went al the way to number 7.

35 years Ago -Junior “Mama Used To Say” # 30

Diddy stole this guy’s dance moves!

Love this song and can’t believe I have never heard it – Love the video -love this dude’s whole vibe.

40 years Ago -HOT “Angel In Your Arms” # 25

Slide guitar, honky-tonk,  jukebox,  country and western classic -done as an R&B track….its pretty good.

Hot recorded the track at Muscle Shoals and it sold a million units, went to number 6 in the US…not bad.

45 years Ago -Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen “Hot Rod Lincoln” # 31

“Hot Rod” is a perfect example of a great band having one hit – and it is literally their worst song.   I hate this song, but CC Et al is fantastic.

Their first three albums are great and you should check them out -particularly the first two – “Lost in the Ozone” and “Hot Licks, Cold Steel & Truckers Favorites” .  Its a shame that a lot of their early albums are not on Spotify, not sure what the issue is because they were all released on MCA – some of them are there and some of them are not…..

“Lincoln” was a cover version of a Charlie Ryan song from 1955 and went to number 9 on the charts in ’72

50 years Ago -The Happenings “I Got Rhythm” # 29

We got 4 clean cut lads in gold jackets – who could ask for anything more?The song sold well north of a million units and they had 9 tracks on the hot 100 in two years…which is kind of crazy…

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