Forgotten Tracks – Feb 10

Weekly Look back at the tracks you don’t remember…

20 years ago: UNCLE SAM “I Don’t Ever Want To See You Again ” #6

Penned by Nathan Morris from Boyz II Men – this song came in this week one spot ahead of BIIM’s A song for Mamma. This was Sam Turners only hit, he is a pastor now.

25 years ago: DURAN DURAN “Ordinary World ” #7

80’s hit makers moving into the 90s…you know songs like this really aren’t what Duran Duran do…but I guess this is a good track on it’s own right?…and when you listen to it 25 years down the line its kind of amazing how they did a chameleon like transition into the sound that was coming out of England at this time….this song holds up pretty well, its a good track.

30 years ago EXPOSE “Seasons Change ” #4

Their first album was a monster – 4 hits and Seasons Change was the last single released off the album and the biggest hit – going all the way to number 1, but for my money I feel like Point of no return and Come and go with me are much stronger tracks.

35 years ago; PATTI AUSTIN with JAMES INGRAM “Baby, Come To Me ” #4

Penned by Rod Temperton from Heatwave (boogie nights) and produced with Quincy Jones at the controls, the song really just kind of lingered without making much of an impact until General Hospital picked it up and started playing it on the show, Patti Austin and James Ingram are both Grammy Winning Artists and I kinda love this track.

40 years ago: JAY FERGUSON “Thunder Island ” #27

This guy definitely parties right? This video is amazing….also FYI, Joe Walsh pulling guitar duty on this track. Ferguson actually had a very successful career despite not being a household name – he was in Spirt and Jo Jo Gunne. The more I listen to this song the more I like it, the fact that I love the aesthetic of clip goes without saying.

45 years ago: EDWARD BEAR “Last Song ” #19

Canadian blues rockers, Last Song was their biggest hit going all the way to number 3 in the States and number 1 in Canada – two years later they disbanded in 1974.

50 years ago: THE SMALL FACES “Itchycoo Park ” #16

Check out the image quality on this video! The Small faces were only together for 4 years -breaking up in 1969, but their influence can be seen on bands for decades afterwards. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in 2012.

55 years ago SKEETER DAVIS “The End Of The World ” #48

Now settle down Skeeter, we are not looking for any trouble…Went all the way to number 2, love the haircut…

60 years ago THE DIAMONDS “The Stroll ” #5

Simpler times…the Stroll was a 50’s dance craze and It was used at the high school dance in American Graffiti- Led Zeppelin’s song Rock and Roll mentions it, They used to do the Stroll on most episodes of Soul Train – they called it the “Soul Train Line”

65 years ago LES PAUL & MARY FORD “My Baby’s Coming Home ” #19

Great song from one of the architects of Rock N Roll during the pre-rock and roll era.  Paul’s wife Mary Ford sounds great, Paul has some excellent guitar licks.

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