Forgotten Tracks – March 27

Weekly look back on the tracks that charted but you don’t remember….

20 years Ago -No Mercy “Please Don’t Go”  #21

Eurodance, the guitar makes you think they are latin, these guys are actually German.  This was actually on the charts for a long time – months….this week was its peak at #21

25 years ago – Laissez Faire “In Paradise” #84

This might be the greatest music video of all time, I love it that much….watch this video.

30 years ago – Hipsway “The Honey Thief” #31

Really not a bad song, kind of surprised this wasn’t bigger.  Peaked at #19

35 years ago – George Duke “Shine On” #53

Keytar on 11….I feel like if I was at this show and lit up, I would be rocking out to this jam…

40 years ago – The Atlanta Rhythm Section “So into you” #16

Love the song…love the aesthetic of the video.  Not for everyone but I’m into it. This track actually went all the way to #16 peaking this week.

45 years ago – The Addrisi Brothers “We’ve Got To Get It Going Again” #26

Soft rock….yellow turtlenecks and leather jackets….

50 years Ago – The Rainy Daze “The Acapulco Gold” #70

It was a simpler time when you could load the car up with your old lady and make a run for a couple pounds south of the border….Acapulco peaked this week at #26

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