Forgotten Tracks – June 11

Weekly look back at the tracks that charted but you don’t remember…

20 years ago: BLESSID UNION OF SOULS “I Wanna Be There ” #47

You know…. this is a good song, and a good band, I think they really suffered from timing.    A year earlier they had released their biggest hit “I Believe” and now one year later the country had kind of reached “peak Hootie” and the sound was just too similar.  They have a lot of great songs though.  They are a Christian Rock band now and still making music.

25 years ago: MITCH MALLOY “Anything At All ” #51

lotta denim going on here..Mitch Malloy, talented singer and musician, he was in Van Halen for a hot minute, still working today, sometimes behind the scenes but also steadily releasing albums for the last 25 years.

30 years ago THE SYSTEM “Don’t Disturb This Groove ” #23

Went all the way to number 4 in the summer of 87.  This song has been sampled by a lot of people…”Dont Disturb” was their biggest hit – they also did the theme song to the Eddie Murphy film Coming to America. The System called it quits in 1989.

35 years ago; FRANKIE AND THE KNOCKOUTS “Without You (Not Another Lonely Night) ” #26

Dude…this is a fuckn’ jam….I wish I could find better video of this. These guys definitely party. Frankie actually wrote “Hungry Eyes” and “I’ve Had the time of my life” which were huge hits in the 80s and drummer Tico Torres went on to join Bon Jovi.  The band broke up in 1986.

40 years ago: ALAN O’DAY “Undercover Angel ” #11

O’day’s biggest hit, sold a million copies and went all the way to number one.  He also wrote but did not perform two other songs that cracked the top ten in the 70s.  Future efforts unfortunately did not yield as much success.  In the 80s and 90s he worked writing songs on television and actually wrote over a 100 songs for the tv show the muppet babies. O’Day passed away in 2013.

45 years ago: THE JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH “Troglodyte (Cave Man) ” #19

Troglodyte was Jimmy Castors biggest hit, its a bit of a time capsule –sock it to me, but its good.  The song has been sampled by everyone from Kool Moe Dee,  NWA (on more than one song), Madonna, Christina Aguilera and most recently Ariana Grande- Jimmy Castor passed away in 2012.

50 years ago: SPANKY AND OUR GANG “Sunday Will Never Be The Same ” #34

I love this song and listening to tracks like this it strikes you how influential sunshine pop bands are to indie bands today.  “Sunday” Was their only single to crack the top ten.   The Group disbanded in 1968. Spanky McFarlane went on to tour with the Mammas and the Papas doing Cass Elliot’s parts after her death.

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