Hot 100 Forgotten Tracks

Looking back on tracks that charted but you don’t remember…April 2nd 2017

20 Years Ago -Real McCoy “One More Time” #33

Real McCoy actually had 4 top ten hits in the 90’s… but they really weren’t even a group technically, they would just use studio musicians and have better looking people play their parts in the videos.

German, 90s, Eurodance…number 33 this week 20 years ago.

25 Years Ago – Redhead Kingpin & The FBI “3-2-1 Pump” #95

Not a bad track…New Jack Swing, prominent Earth Wind and Fire Sample. This song sounds a lot like Heavy D’s “in Living Color” that they used to run as the intro for the TV show…

“Pump” debuted on the hot 100 this week at #95 in 1992.

30 Years Ago – Pseudo Echo “Living In A Dream” #93

Australian New Wave…not terrible. Love the beginning of this video with this crew strolling into the party like a bunch of badasses…I like the horns on the track.

35 Years Ago – Aurra “Make Up Your Mind” #81

Post disco out of Dayton Ohio – actually  has a great sound – the guitar work at the end is fantastic…surprised it hasn’t been sampled more.

40 Years Ago – Deneice Williams “Free/Cause You Love Me” #28

This was Deniece’s first single and its a great track.  Deneice went on to be nominated  for 14 Grammy’s and won four of them, all of the wins coming in the Gospel category.  Her biggest hit came in 1984 with “Lets here it for the boy” off of the Footloose soundtrack.  That song went to #1, and she was nominated for best female pop vocal for it but lost to Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do with it”

 45 Years Ago – Jo Jo Gunne “Run Run Run” #80

Solid early 70’s AOR…check out the first LP…its pretty good.

50 Years Ago – The Five Americans “Western Union” #10

“Western Union” was their only track to crack the top 20 going to number 5.  The Outfits in the clip are fantastic….