Hot 100 Forgotten Tracks – February 19th

Weekly look back at the tracks that charted that you don’t remember…

20 Years ago – She Moves “Breaking All The Rules”

SpiceGirls-esque song and video.  All three of these gals where Knicks Dancers before forming the group. Also interesting, all three put together pretty solid post She Moves  careers – check them out on IMDB.   Hindsight is 20/20, but probably not a good idea to start your music video dancing on a urinal -seriously a large portion of this video takes place in a dirty bathroom… “Breaking”  peaked at #32.

25 Years ago – Restless Heart “When She Cries”

Coming at you fast with a sweet stache!  Country pop, adult contemporary crossover – “When She Cries” was their biggest hit peaking at number 11 on the Hot 100 in 92.

30 Years Ago – Pretty Poison “Catch Me”

First  appeared on the soundtrack for Hiding Out, which was a John Cryer movie where he plays a stock broker on the run from the mob,  hiding out by pretending to be a high school student.  “Catch Me” is a tie-in video with the band dancing around a high school with scenes from the film spliced in.  I think the track is actually pretty good, it still gets sampled,  I am surprised it does not get sampled more… I like the video too.

35 Years Ago – Tavares “Penny For Your Thoughts”

Tavares landed 13 tracks on the Hot 100 in the 70’s and 80s – which is pretty impressive.  Their biggest hit was a top ten track “It Only Takes a Minute” which was a disco number.  They also won a Grammy for a Bee Gees cover that was on the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack.   “Penny” Peaked at number 33 in 1982.

40 Years Ago – L.T.D. “Back in Love Again”

Sounds like the 70s, sounds great.  “Back” was their biggest hit, made it all the way to number 4 on the Hot 100.  LTD sold a ton of albums int he 70s, two went gold and one went platinum. They are still around and on tour.

45 Years Ago -Hurricane Smith “Oh Babe, What Would You Say?”

Smith worked on all the pre 1965 Beatles albums and a lot of the early Floyd albums as an engineer.  At almost 50 he started putting out his own tracks.  When you watch him singing these tracks in clips you can tell he is a really novice performer…they are all pretty awkward, he looks like he is doing karaoke.    “Babe”  made it all the way to number 3, which seems strange but there was a lot of stuff like this out at this time, Gilbert O’Sullivan and Johnny Rivers both had tracks in the top 10 this week.

50 Years Ago – The Sandpebbles “Love Power”

The Sandpebbles had one hit with “Love Power” going to number 22 on the Hot 100.  It was covered a year later by Dusty Springfield and actually became a much bigger hit when it was covered by Luther Vandross in 1989 when it went all the way to number 4.