Forgotten Tracks – Nov 12

Weekly look back at the tracks that you don’t remember…

20 years ago: SOMETHIN’ FOR THE PEOPLE featuring TRINA & TAMARA “My Love Is The Shhh! “

Oakland’s Somethin’ For the People’s only hit…standard 90’s R&B…song is okay, hit #6 this week in 1997.

25 years ago: CHARLES & EDDIE “Would I Lie To You? “

Charles Pettigrew and Eddie Chacon out of NYC, adult contemporary soul -pretty good stuff here.  Interesting fact Eddie Chacon grew up in the same neighborhood as Cliff Burton from Metallica and Mike Bordin from Faith No more – and they were all in a band together when they were 12.  Charles Pettigrew went on to join Talking Heads offshoot Tom Tom Club and passed away in 2001.

Would I lie to you was #13 this week in 1992.

30 years ago SWING OUT SISTER “Breakout “

Love the synths and bass on this song…not sure how I feel about the horns.  Swing Out Sister never stopped, been releasing albums and touring continually since the 80s….good stuff.  This song was #7 this week in 1987.

35 years ago; JUICE NEWTON “Break It To Me Gently ” #11

Juice Newton’s version of  Break it to me Gently coming out 20 years after Brenda Lee’s version…I kinda prefer Brenda Lee’s. I have a soft spot for Juice, one of my earliest memories is driving around in the car with my mom and listening to Newton’s Queen of Hearts on the radio.  Break it To Me came in at #11 this week in 1982.

40 years ago: PAUL NICHOLAS “Heaven On The 7th Floor “

This is kind of an interesting little piece of nonsense…meh.  Paul Nicholas has had 3 top 20 songs in England, but this was his only one that made moves in America – actually went to number one in New Zealand.  Beyond singing, Nicholas is better known for a long and successful career as a character actor and in musical theater.  Heaven went to number #11 this week in 1977.

45 years ago: LOBO “I’d Love You To Want Me ” #8

Straight out of Tallahassee Florida -that is some legit helmet hair.  This is a great song , I love it. After several hit  songs in the early 70s, continued chart success alluded him in the US – but he is huge in Asia and continues to tour.  Want me went to number 8 this week in 1972.

50 years ago: BRENTON WOOD “Gimme Little Sign ” #28

How can you not love this clip?  Great track.  Brenton Wood from Shreveport via Compton California.  He is still around….still performing.  Also – check out his other hit The Oogum Boogum Song – its fantastic.  Little Sign went to #28 this week in 1967.

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