What’s Good – June 12


Your daily dose of what’s good…

Wolf Alice “Yuk Foo”

I like it – has an XRay Spex vibe.  New album comes out Sept 29.  WA is on tour in the States through the summer then Europe in the fall.

Niia “Sideline Remmix”

Typically don’t post remixes but I really like this one – the original track and video is great too – you can check it out here.  Side note, this video is really similar to Clove’s which came out a month later.  Anyway…I am really into Niia’s voice and music…check it out.

Aldous Harding “Blend”

I like the song, video is interesting with Aldous dressed up like the Playmate of the Year  from Apocalypse Now.    This track is from her album Party – which is out now…

Point Breeze Country Club “Good Humor”

Don’t know much about these guys, ran across this. From Philly, I like the sound, seems like early innings…they have some good stuff on SC.

Gordi “Heaven I know”

Pretty good stuff, really liked her last single too which was a BI Cover.  My one issue is that I a lot of the stuff sounds a little too close musically to BI style….but its all good, I like the work.  New album comes out Aug 25th.

Micah P. Hinson “Lovers Lane”

I love shit like this, maybe other people don’t – New album from Micah Holy Strangers comes out Sept. 8th.

Manchester Orchestra “The Gold”

Vocals are pretty good here.  New album A Black Mile To The Surface comes out July 28th.

Wavves “Stupid in Love”

From the New Album Your Welcome -I like the new album a lot, you should check it out.  Track is pretty good…video seems a little phoned in.

Snoop Dogg “Revolution”

Song is okay – the real story is the cool stuff that Snoop has been doing for years on the web with his film projects and tv shows which are amazing.  If you are not watching WestFestTV…you really need to get up on that.

Trailer Trash Tracys “Eden Machine”

TTT follow up album to Esther is entitled Althea and is out Aug 11.  Song is pretty good, Video has a chill vibe and some nice visuals.

Golden Vessel “Shoulders”

New synth track from Australian producer Max Byrne…pretty good.

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