What’s Good – June 13th


Your daily dose of what’s Good…

Color Film “Small Town”

New album Living Arrangements comes out this Friday.  This isn’t going to be for everyone, but I am leading with it because I’m into it…

Portugal. The Man “Rich Friends”

Also with a new album, Woodstock – out this Friday.  Song is okay.

Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band  “Dreaming the Non-Dream”

Hands down my favorite track of the day…I love it.  Album of the same name comes out August 25th with a sixteen minute version of this track….can’t wait.   Check out his previous albums on Spotify…

DW BOX “Tall Blond Girls”

Louisville/Brooklyn singer/songwriter  Diane Hunters new album Make Way for the Time Change comes out July 21st, but you can listen to the whole thing on Bandcamp right now….lot of interesting stuff here….this track below is pretty good…

Andy Gabbard “Impossible Girl”

Buffalo Killers alum Andy Gabbard’s new track off his forthcoming LP Plenum Castles, release date TBD 2017.  Not sure if this is an Hall an Oats sample but all I can hear is “she’s out of touch”…regardless, songs okay, and the other single released I liked too…


Ibeyi “Away”

French twins, great vocals, rhythm tracking on the song sounds great.  Love it.  There are a couple small autotune parts I really don’t get…its like, you know how to sing, you don’t need the autotune….just sing….

Julia Jacklin “Eastwick”

This song and this video are wildly….insanely… good.  They also make me sad as shit…particularly video, but hey, the work is solid, check it out.

Green Day “Revolution Radio”

Green day will always have a soft spot in my heart and I will always love them – I guess they are at the nostalgia part of the career arc where you splice in the clips from the 90s…thats cool, they earned it.  Song is good, its what you think it would be.


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