What’s Good – June 14


Your daily dose of what’s good….

Timber Timbre “Sincerely Future Pollution”

New Timber Timbre animation video for “Sincerely Future Pollution” – not exactly new, the alb um came out two months ago, but worth a viewing.

See Through Dresses “Lucy’s Arm”

Sounds pretty good, coming out of the gate swinging… This is the third track released from their album Horse of the Other World which is coming out June 30.

Action Bronson “Let Me Breath”

The fat boys are back….and you know they could never be wack.  Pretty good stuff here, new album Blue Chips 7000 coming out this year release date TBD….

Chevy Woods “Alright”

Wiz Khalifa associate Chevy Wood’s new summer jam…pretty good stuff.

Death From Above 1979 “Freeze Me”

Songs okay – video is interesting…

Jessica Says “Xanax Baby”

This is kind of fire….I love it.  Jessica Says album Do with me what u will is out now.

The Peacers “Staying Home”

Psychedelic garage rock and a video that is somehow unsettling and you are not exactly sure why….good stuff here.   New album Introducing the Crimsmen comes out this Friday.

Cotillion “I like People”

Garage rocker Jordon Corso’s new album off his LP The Afternoons which came out April 21st.

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