Whats Good – June 26

Night MOves

Your daily dose of whats good…..

Baylen “Get Down”

Boston MC….kind of a hot summer jam…he has some good tracks on SoundCloud you should check out.

Night Moves “Kind Luck”

Bit of a throwback sound but its good, it really works…actually sounds genuine as fuck…nothing in the world sounds as good as a properly mic’d acoustic guitar right? Their full length album Pennied Days is out now.

Rostam “Bike Dream”

Love everything this guy does, 1000 times was one of my favorite tracks of last year…we need another VW album.

Sylvan Esso “The Glow”

Ah…to be a young gutter punk in love…This track is really, really good – like, exceptionally good, like probably the best song that came out last week good.  One of my favorite new bands.

Sweeps “dna”

I’m into this….they have some really chill tracks on Soundcloud…

Jason Bajada “Blondie”

Canadian…..been cutting records and touring for over ten years, the catalog has some good stuff…this track really grew on me….it will probably be in a Wes Anderson movie some day.  Video is a bit of a trip…kind of like watching a lava lamp…good stuff all around

Amine “Turf”

Fresh off his XXL Freshman cover – fourth single from Amine…pretty good stuff….everyone is expecting big things.  First full length LP GoodForYou comes out July 28th.

Widowspeak “Dog”

Its okay, I like it..full length album out on August 25th

Desperate Journalists “Why are you so boring”

Girls dont want to hear your opinion on Animal Farm….nobody does.   Lots of talent with this band…pretty good stuff.  This track is off of their album Grow Up which is out now.

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