Whats Good – June 27

June 17

Your daily dose of whats good…

I know Leopard “let Go”

Synth pop from down under..not bad.

Acid Tongue “Get Free”

They have not put out a ton of material but I am a fan – the vocals are probably not for everyone….but I like them.  My one issue with the video is the stock footage….rock bands need to stop just splicing in stock footage to their videos, it is super lazy, just be interesting for four minutes, its not that hard…you are in a fucking rock band.

So Much Light “Be Afraid”

..and speaking of bad videos…here is “Be Afraid’.  To be fair…the song is pretty good and I’m into it…but the mimes…

RatBoys “Westside”

Chicago’s Ratboys second LP GN is out this Friday.  Decent track.

Lando Chill “Break Them Shackles”

Not terrible…interesting lyrics and visuals….I am into it.

Loose Buttons “Am I the only reason?”

Lotta people do songs like this now -and not as well.  Good stuff,  chill vibe that crescendos…pretty good. This is from their EP Sundays which is out today.

Wiki “Pretty Bull”

Fuckin’ love it….favorite song I heard today…its just a dope jam.  You cant go wrong with an apron with no shirt – Wiki and his crew seem like a good time.

Haim “Want You Back”

You know, I like Haim.  I like their music.  I like this song…and when it comes to everyone giving them shit because  they are just kind of a millennial version of Wilson Phillips…  I mean, look – people like music like this.  I mean,  I like Wilson Philips, and not in an ironic way….I like them. Anyway, here is Haim’s new track.

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