What’s Good – June 7th


Daily dose of what’s good…

Wallflower “Lost On The island”

Pretty good stuff here….love the guitar work at the end.

London Grammar “Oh Woman”

Not sure why but they made two different videos for this song and they actually kind of look the same.  Song is okay, its like a subtle anthem, video(s) pretty good.  The new album comes out this Friday.

 Matteo Vallicelli “Lido Di Classe “

Matteo Vallicelli is the drummer for  The Soft Moon and his first solo album Primo came out a few months ago to a generally positive reception.  This track is the first single off the forthcoming EP 47100 – out June 16th.

 Ariel Pink “Another Weekend”

Ariel Pink is busy but…. been a while since a track came out.  I kind of love this, I dig the sound effects and tempo changes….I am into it.

 Bjork “Notget”

The track has been out a long time, but the video is new and is wild…good stuff.

Boulevards “Steady”

I feel like nobody is really feeling this guy (600 views) , not sure why….I am kind of into it….see a lot of talent here.  I am into this track…

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