What’s Good – June 9th

JUNE9Your daily dose of what’s good.

Big Baby Dram “The Uber Song”

Ah…Love in modern times. New track for BBD, its pretty good, he actually released two tracks today.

The Cactus Blossoms “Mississippi”

Pretty good singin’ here.  the track is pretty old but they are getting behind it with a new video to push on the Twin Peaks appearance. I like these guys..kind of gimmicky but I am not against it.

Toro y Moi “Girl Like You”

I am a big TyM fan and the first time through I wasn’t really feeling this song, then on the second listen, I fell in love with it – I like the video too. new album Boo Boo comes out July 7th.

Kacy & Clayton “The Light Of Day”

Canadian country folk rockers  Its a good track –  I really loved the vocals and feel of their track “Strange Country” they released last year- this one is good too.  new album comes out in August.

Banditos “Healing slow”

Boys vs. Girls in an empty pool…sound good.  I like the song, Alabama’s Banditos have a new album coming out called Visionland which should be pretty good.  The 2015 Self titled LP is great – listen to it.

Niall Horan “Slow Hands (acoustic)”

Not new – just a quick hit on a song that I think is pretty good being played acoustic.  I think its great that all these guys are leveling up and  coming out with interesting stuff.

Them Jones “Grow”

Solid psychedelic rock track from Them Jones new album of the same name that dropped last week.  Album is pretty good…check it out.

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